HK SEMI-AUTOMATIC SMG SP5 (MP5) 9×19 (Kopija) (Kopija)

  • HK SEMI-AUTOMATIC SMG SP5 (MP5) 9×19 (Kopija) (Kopija)

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    9x19 Para/Luger

    Calibre 9 mm x 19
    Operating principle Delayed roller locked bolt
    Magazine capacity 10 /15/30 rounds
    Sights rotary sight, 4 positions
    Length approx. 675.00 mm
    Width approx. 63.0 mm
    Height approx. 220.0 mm
    Barrel length approx. 225 mm
    Sight radius approx. 330.0 mm
    Weapon approx. 2.50 kg
    Komplekte: 10 šov. dėtuvė.

    Pagaminta: Heckler Koch GMBH, Vokietija